Do you know the best place to stay in Delhi for tourists?

Delhi has traversed through its fair share of ups and downs throughout the ages. From being a major cultural hub for powerful empires to emerging again today as one of the world's most captivating cities, this place has always held something of great significance in its history. Through this blog post, let us inform you about the best place to stay in Delhi for tourists.

There may be an n number of reasons for you wanting to find a hotel near Kashmiri Gate in Delhi. Whatever would be the reason, it’s always a wise choice to stay at a place enriched with profound cultural history especially if you are a person with a strong aesthetic sense. For everyone with a discerning eye, relentlessly looking to experience the most worthwhile heritage hotel in Delhi, this hotel near the station is assured to impress.

Before we go on to elaborate on why this hotel is an incomparable match with all of its luscious features and amenities, let us touch upon the incredible history behind Kashmiri Gate.

Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, this gate is located in Old Delhi. It is the northern gate of Delhi's historic walled city and during Shah Jahan’s sovereignty, it marked the start of a road that led to Kashmir. It’s an inexpressible exemplar of architecture that has withstood the test of centuries of time.

It is more than just an impressive monument structure. Its every brick and corner preserves the unforgettable sacrificial story of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 which was the first-ever well-organized rebellion against the atrocities of the British.

This majestic symbol of India's past, with its grandiose walls standing proud for generations, is grandly celebrated as an integral part of the country's heritage and culture - even more so for the vibrant localities that have developed within close proximity.

Now, this great accessibility is one of the many factors that make Hotel Green Castle arguably the best heritage hotel in old Delhi to enjoy spending some gratifying moments.

Aside from that, who doesn’t look for an authentic experience, that too when it comes to Old Delhi? Then look no further! This venue is certain to deliver the admixture of beauty, hospitality, and immersion that you deserve. Its exquisite design with its indulgent windows, breathtaking interiors and mouth-watering cuisines will give you a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

Kashmiri Gate is one of the most mesmerizing areas in India — just ask anyone who's been there! From the Inter-State Bus Terminal and Metro Station to the iconic Daulat Ram and Sons machinery company, there is never a shortage of people bustling about. Even if you step off the train at this station, it won't take long for it to fill back up again.

If you're in for a scenic stroll and a dose of culture, look no further than the Lothian Road. The Dara Shikoh Library, situated on the grounds of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, offers an enrapturing view of complex Mughal architecture.

Also, definitely consider exploring the British Magazine and the Telegraph Memorial, another two noteworthy attractions located on this street. These historic buildings, among which the former was once used by British officers to conserve arms and ammunition and the latter to transfer telegraphic messages regarding the rebellion of the Sepoys, offer a fascinating look into how they strategically operated.

Oh, had completely forgotten to mention the very significant St. James Church, situated at the intersecting point of Church Road and Lothian Road. Originally built in 1836 as a residence for Colonel James Skinner, this church is now one of the oldest surviving buildings in Delhi and also served as the official church of the Viceroy of British India.

Last but not the least, if you are a shopping enthusiast, you don’t need to look anywhere else! The countless hottest and most happening shopping malls are all within close vicinity. There is a centuries-old British building adjacent to St. James Church which encloses many shops, cafes, and other outlets under the same roof, like Bata, Tej Armoury, Garg Armoury, WH Smith, Eldeco Junction, and the NBT Metro Book Shop.

So, are you still confused about the best place to stay in Delhi for tourists? Give Hotel Green Castle a go… Inside and around, it has everything you need to cherish a wholesome holiday!